Thousands of Phase Change Converter products are in use throughout Australia and in numerous parts of the world. With 10 years plus of application experience, and so many installations, we have the knowledge to make your three phase equipment or machinery work.

While most converters converters end up in workshops operating metalworking and woodworking machinery, the list of applications really is endless. More specific information on connection and typical applications can be found on the installation page. Here are some examples of where Phase Changers have been applied:

Car Hoists
Tyre Balancing and Tyre Changing Machines
Air Compressors (another regular)
Cheese Factories:  Moulding machines, stretcher, pasteurizer, packaging
Printing: Various printing and paper folding machines.
Saw Mill: Docking Saws
Chain Wire Fence Manufacturing Machine
Lathes, Milling Machines (from very small to large CNC)
Metal Cutting Cold Saws

Welders, Plasma Cutters

Pressure Washers
Horticulture: Computer Controlled Potting and Seeding Machines
Air-conditioning Systems
Refrigerated Trucks, Refrigerated Shipping Containers and Cool Rooms
Water Pumps: including submersible
Oil Fired Boiler Controls and Pumps for Heating Hot-Houses
Stone Masonry: Cutting, Grinding and Polishing Machinery
Surface Grinders
High Pressure Water Cutting (hydraulic) Machine
Agriculture: Pivot and Linear Irrigators; Drive Wheels Control System
Saw Blade Sharpening and Automatic RF Tip Brazing Machine
Wine: Presses, Bottling and Labeling Machines


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